Since the colleges will remain closed till 14th April 2020, the Principals are requested to ensure that the students do not suffer. Please ensure the following: 
* The teachers should prepare  study material for the pending syllabus. 
* Online mode of communication should be used and  study material should be sent to students through Google class room, emails, you tube based lectures etc.
* Appropriate lectures/lessons can be chosen/used through  MOOCS,  SWAYAM and EPG Pathshala.
*  Interactive talks through Whats app, Video conferencing and SKYPE should be done.
Let us join together to make sure that we use the available time judiciously and properly for the students.
Also ensure that the teachers, staff and students are properly aware about the preventive measures to be taken  against COVID 19.
Stay home, stay safe.
Best wishes for a healthy life.