About Institute


      NMDC DAV POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE is being located in Vananchal /Tribal area of State Chhattisgarh. NMDC DAV Polytechnic College has completed its 10 years tenure. The college has also be known for the highest filling of seats during admission in Bastar Zone. The college established with a vision to reinstate the knowledge and rebuild the auspicious academic environment of Indian tribal community through quality higher education incorporated with tribal culture, multiple skill emancipation, socio-political mainstreaming and self- actualization. Having received education from this college, hundreds of students have received excellent opportunities for life along with science and technology are giving their involvement in various other fields for the development of our country.


                          NMDC DAV POLYTECHNIC had been established in 2010. The institute is affiliated with Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekananda Technical University, Bhilai, and bringing laurels to the University.The institute is 100% funded by NMDC CSR. The college starts with an intake capacity of 120. NMDC DAV Polytechnic College offers two Under Graduate Programs Diploma in Electrical Engineering & Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. Along with the improvement of student's academic profile the institute also carves their overall persona by making them involved in socio-cultural activities.NSS cell being the shaper of the student's all round development along with Training & Placement cell, Cultural cell,etc. The campus is embellished with a 'favorable and pleasant environment' and it offers the energetic and pollution-free academic atmosphere to the students as well as faculty members from across the states, with diverse cultures, promoting mutual understanding and unity.