One of the key contributors to an intensive learning experience is living in campus. A well-furnished and aesthetically designed hostel with separate wings for junior & senior boys & it has been constructed with a view to provide best possible facilities to the students.

 Hostel is located in the same campus and is about 200 hundred meters from the institute building. Campus is under the surveillance of security guards and provides safe environment for each & every candidates.

NMDC DAV Polytechnic hostel is a two storied building with 114 rooms.  Students can opt for rooms that offer single or double occupancy as per student’s own need. Hostel has facilities like RO water purifier, water cooler, a common room, which creates a homely atmosphere.

The rooms are bright, spacious, comfortable, clean and airy. All hostel rooms have separate arrangements for students like separate beds, table chair & shelf etc. For the sake of security of students numbers of security guards were in main gate and maintaining discipline & peace in hostel.


Spacious dining area with adequate tables, chairs and RO filtered drinking water with a well maintained and hygienic kitchen is a part of NMDC DAV Polytechnic hostel. The mess is managed by the students on cooperative basis. Vegetarian food is served in the hostel. Mess charges are collected on a monthly basis & at the time of starting date of month week.

Allotment of accommodation for the students is on first-come, first-served basis. 

Girl’s Hostel


We have separate hostel for girls. The hostel can accommodate 100 girls. Double room accommodation is given to the students. Hostel is located in the same campus and is about 500 hundred meters from the institute building. Campus is under the surveillance of CCTV camera & security guards and provides safe environment for each & every candidates.

They are also permitted to use their own computers & mobiles in their own rooms. The mess is spacious with a dining hall and kitchen. Separate seating arrangements are made for girls.


Rules and Regulations:

  • Students must occupy the rooms allotted to them by the Warden (Principal).

  • Students should refrain from anti-social and undesirable activities such as consumption of alcohol, tobacco, gambling, ragging etc.

  • Students are responsible for the cleanliness of their rooms.

  • No student will be allowed to leave the hostel based on a phone call.

  • Parents are requested to give a list of authorized visitors/local guardians. Visitors not mentioned in the list will not be permitted to visit the students in the hostel.

  • Students will not be permitted to go home without permission of hostel warden.

  • Any student wishing to attend a function in the house, marriage or any other ceremony will be permitted to go only if the request is made by the parents to the Principal.

  • The student should behave in such a fashion that the atmosphere in the hostel remains clam and conducive to studies and leading to the cultural and moral development of the inmates.

  • Students should take utmost care to keep their room and hostel premises neat and clean.

  • In the case of any untoward happening such as theft, cheating accident, sudden sickness etc. student should immediately report to the hostel authority.

  • Student suffering from bodily disorder, injury or sickness should immediately report the matter to the Rector and seek help from the authorized hospital by informing to the hostel authority in written.

  • The students are advised not keep valuable articles or cash in their rooms. If they do so it will be entirely at their own risk. They are further advised to lock their room with sturdy locks even if they leave the room for any reason.

  • Students are strictly prohibited from receiving a female guest in their rooms.

  • Students are strictly prohibited from paying outdoor games in the hostel premises. Similarly students should not play indoor games in hostel rooms.

  • Student should not loiter in the veranda, passages and disturb others, perfect silence should be observed. Shouting in strictly prohibited.

  • Smoking and alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited in the hostel and college premises.

  • Student should take utmost care to see that no damage is caused to the hostel building, furniture, electrical & sanitary fittings, water cooler & Aqua guard and any other equipment in the hostel premises. The loss caused will be recovered from the students.

  • Students should not pay radio, transistor, record player or any other musical instruments in the hostel premises.

  • The students will have to make entry in the muster kept at the entrance of the hostel while going out or coming in.

  • Students shall behave politely and properly with the Rector/ staff member of the hostel.


Following activities are strictly prohibited in the hostel.

  •  Loudly speaking/talking.

  •  Sitting unnecessarily anywhere in campus/hostel.

  •  Ragging or torturing any student mentally or physically.

  •  Misbehaviour with the hostel staff.

  •  Quarrelling with each other.

  •  Late coming in the hostel (without permission).

  •  Damage to hostel property.

  •  Standing in front of hostel main door, passage, staircases etc.

  •  Improper dress while taking meals.

  •  Posters or painting on the walls of hostel rooms and doors.

  •  Playing outdoor games in the hostel.

  •  Disturbance to other students.

  •  Cooking in the room.

  •  Changing allotted room and the furniture without prior permission from hostel authority.

In all above matters the decision of the Principal of college, based on the report and recommendation of the Rector of colleges shall be final and binding on the students. The students will strictly adhere to the rules of discipline framed by the college and the Hostel authorities, from time to time.




NMDC DAV Polytechnic College operates buses for the convenience of students and staff coming from different places. This service is offered ensuring a hassle-free and safe transportation. The College runs 2 buses for providing transport facility to students from various places covering the route of about 70 km. Each bus contains around 50 seats. The number of buses will be increased corresponding to the increase in the intake of students. Transport for daily commuting is generally one of the worries of parents. To enable students to free themselves from the worries of the transportation, we have made arrangements for College buses. This will make them free from the mental tension of driving or taking public transport system, to come to the college and go back, so that they fully concentrate on their studies. Parents also can have peace of mind while their wards are out in the college and need not worry about the traffic and driving problem. This transport facility is also used for various educational purposes like field trips, industrial visits and recruitments.

The transport facility is available to students staying outside the campus.

The existing bus routes are given below :

Bus Route:

Bus No. 1:  Kirandul- Becheli- Kameli- Bhansi- Durli- Sathdhar- Dantewada- Awarabhata- Chitalanka- Karli- Haram Chawk- Geedam- NMDC DAV Polytechnic College Campus.

Bus No.2:  Becheli- Kameli- Bhansi- Durli- Sathdhar- Dantewada- Awarabhata- Chitalanka- Karli- Haram Chawk- Geedam- NMDC DAV Polytechnic College Campus.