Chairman Message




From the Chairman’s Desk...........   

NMDC Ltd., a Govt of India Enterprise and Navaratna Company is known as Eco- friendly Miner to the Nation. Established on 15th November. 1958 NMDC has completed long 62 years in iron ore mining, diamond mining In different remote and tribal areas and earning high and record dividends for the Nation

Now. NMDC is a brand name not only in producing quality ore in its mechanized mines but also known for its commitment to its Social Responsibility. NMDC under its Corporate Social Responsibility Programme has undertaken various development works in different parts of the country in general and Chhattisgarh State in particular where its leading mines are under operation.

Establishment and Successful Operation of NMDC-DAV Polytechnic College in the remote and tribal district of Chhattisgarh is just one among so many other social being, executed by NMDC. NMDC is committed to extending quality academic and technical education not only to the wards of the employees but also to the children of local Adivasi Community. To facilitate this, NMDC  is sponsoring various educational institutes in and around the South Bastar District.

NMDC-DAV Polytechnic College is established with a view to training the local youth in technical education and prepares a ready workforce to already established and other upcoming Industries in the area besides generating skills for self- employment. All the branches are successfully running since its establishment. Recently, the Institute has secured the ISO 9001:2015 Certificate which itself is a confirmation/illustration of qualitative education being provided here. The campus of the College is well facilitated with modern Labs, Library, Playgrounds, and Hygienic Hostel, etc. for the comfort of the students. The Principal, Teachers, and Staff are well experienced and co-operative. Moreover, the support of NMDC is always there for the successful operation of the Institute.

I wish all the stakeholders particularly students to have a wonderful experience and a successful career here at NMDC DAV Polytechnic College, Jawanga. Dantewada