The Department of Basic Science and Humanities started from the inception of the college 2010. Knowledge in basic science forms the base of Diploma Engineering Students. Department aims to fulfill this function most efficiently. Its objective is to provide value-based education to the burgeoning engineers. The Department comprises of different subjects of study namely Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, values and Communication Skills. The students are highly benefitted by the knowledge and experienced teachers of many doctorates and pursuing a doctorate in the department. Department of the Faculties has made consistent and strenuous efforts to improve the students learning, research and development processes. Besides academics, the Department is actively involved in the development of students’ personality, communication, and soft skills to enhance them in the modern and globally competitive upbringing. The department has state-of-the-art laboratories and advanced department library facilities. It also encourages students to take up challenging projects in order to nourish their technical skills. It has opened avenues to promote Entrepreneurship among budding diploma engineers and inbuilt in them the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility. The department also helps the students to acquire an English Communication skill to increase their proficiency in the English Language which will enable them to cope up with the cut-throat competition in the job market.


  • We equip students to imbibe the best human and professional values.
  • The department has all these years encouraged students of all disciplines and subjects not only in their academic pursuit but also in furthering their career prospects and giving impetus to their creative potentiality.




  • To widen intellectual perspective and enhance entrepreneurship qualities, Develop technical and communicative skills to make the students' industry-ready.
  • To inculcate ethical values and promote social responsibility through an innovative learning process in basic sciences and humanities.







MR. Ashish Kumar Tiwari

Principal I/C (Academic) Lecturer(Mathematics) & HOD

Qualification Experience Contact No. / E-mail Specialization / Area of Interest
M.Sc.( Maths),
  11 Years
Applied Mathematics, Topology, Complex Analysis, Real Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Operation Research, C language, C++ language, Java , Oracle, Computer Application






MR. Akhilesh Yadu

Lecturer(Computer Science) 

Qualification Experience Contact No. / E-mail Specialization / Area of Interest
Ph.D (Pursuing)
8 years 8 months
Computer Applications





Dr. (Mrs.) Rubina Sahin


Qualification Experience Contact No. / E-mail Specialization / Area of Interest
MSc Chemistry
10 years 4 months
Applied Chemistry, Environmental Engineering, Fluoride Chemistry, Environmental Pollution, Water Analysis, Organic Chemistry, Enterpenurership Development,





 Mr. Chandra Shekhar Verma


Qualification Experience Contact No. / E-mail Specialization / Area of Interest
M.Sc.( PHYSICS), Ph.D.(Pursuing) 7 years 3 months
Electronics,applied Physics,
Solid State Physics





MR. Rajkumar Deshmukh


Qualification Experience Contact No. / E-mail Specialization / Area of Interest
Ph. D(Pursuing)
MA (English Literature)
 9 years 9 months
Communication Skills, English Literature, Professional Communication in English





Name Experience Contact No. / E-mail

Mr. Bhanprasad Verma
( Lab Technician )
6 years
9 months







About Language Lab

The Station-E- Language Lab is a unique English Language Lab in Chhattisgarh inaugurated by Former Honorable C.M. of Chhattisgarh Dr. Shri Raman Singh in 2015. 

Our Vision 

Our Language lab is the perfect embodiment of a profoundly futuristic vision. It envisions combining, developing, applying and spreading the scientific and practical expertise in order to make the training students in language, communication and professional skills more effective. Our vision is not only to foresee the future but to prepare and empower youth before the said future arrives.


 Our Mission 

We are aspiring to nurture a brigade of professionals with Midas touch who with power of communication and eye-catching demonstration enchanting skills, turn everything they touch into gold. Our singular mission is to reach out to all individuals irrespective of the class the creed and transform them in to high skilled professionals with a killing instinct eager to lock horns with challenges of the market place.


Our Objectives


  •                    Provide the best man and machine combination to facilitate active and interactive teaching and learning process.
  •                    Play an instrumental role in enhancing one’s personality by helping one to realize and surpass one’s latent potentials by  providing best of the training in various modules we offer.
  •                     Provide language courses and communication training in English.
  •            Impart innovative result oriented trainings modules in areas like Language, Personal and Corporate Communication, LifeSkills, Soft Skills and BPO-Call Centre Training etc.


Importance Language Lab

Language is a medium of communication. Communication involves carrying of message or receiving of message. Students of tribal cultures feel very hard to learn English and its proficiency. The language lab is a technological break for imparting skills in English. It offers an exclusive result oriented and proficient to enrich the English language learning process.

Break through the traditional teaching method with the rich teaching material contents, the digital language lab motivates student’s learning attitude, providing an interactive learning environment.  The language lab is the solution and need of the hour to learn the English language. The quality of the language proficiency will be more when they learn it from the multimedia, digital and computerized Language Lab.





Applied Chemistry Lab

  List of Practical’s-

1.     To determine the basic and   acidic radical in given unknown mixture.

2.     To determine the pH of given unknown samples by using Universal Indicator.

3.     To determine the total hardness of given water samples by E.D.T.A method.

4.     To Study of the Electrochemical Cell (Daniel Cell).

5.     To Study of the Bomb Calorimeter this is used for determination of Calorific Value of fuel.

6.     To Study of Red Wood Viscometer.

7.     To Study of Proximate analysis of a different type of Coal.

8.     To Study of determine percentage of copper in a given sample by Brass Titration.

9.     To Study  determine percentage of Iron in a Iron salt by redox titration

10.   To Study to calorimetric estimation of metals in a given sample of an alloy.