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Research and Development Cell


Our  Vision:-

The research and development cell aims to nurture research environment in the college by promoting research in newly emerging and challenging areas of Engineering & Technology, Basic Science and Humanities. It encourages the students and faculties to undertake the research in newly emerging frontier areas of Engineering & Technology, Basic science and Humanities including inter-disciplinary field. Apart from institute level, we have also developed a research environment in local level and co-operate the public or private agencies for research need in various fields. This enhances the general research capability of budding technocrats by way of organising and participating in conference (State/National/ International) seminars, workshops, project competitions or paper publication in various related journals (National/International).


Our  Mission:-

·         To create awareness and opportunities in research and development among the students and faculties and to create research and development environment in every  department.

·         To motivate the staff members and faculties to take up research projects and improve their knowledge, skills and qualifications by registering M. Tech, Ph.D and  PostDoc etc.

·         To form R & D groups  among the faculty members and encourage members to take up R & D activities in the area of their specialization.

·         To develop and coordinate strategies for maximizing the faculty’s success in gaining external research funding.

·         To interact with industry, government (local/State/Central), professional and the wider community on all research matters promote faculty research activities external stakeholders.

·         To maintain effective links with government (local/State/Central) departments, authorities, business and commerce and industry organizations relevant to the college   research activities.

·         To facilitate as well as organise faculty training programmes of different field for the faculties.

·         To assist for applying and getting funds for conducting seminar/workshop/conference from various available funding agencies.

·         To facilitate the growth of research activity among the academic community, including developing mechanisms and targets to achieve this.


 Our Scope:-

1. The scope of our R & D team to do work on social welfare, local technical issue, funded projects, journals, magazine, newspaper and website updating.

 2. Faculty and Student involve in Innovation projects, interaction with outside world with respect to implementation of new technology in various field, patent filling, industry of commerce, and file maintenance.

3.  Our R & D team are to actively pursue inter-disciplinary and socially relevant research in needed areas especially iron ore mining area and also focus on remediation  for environmental and technical issue in nearby Bastar Zone.


 Our Goals:-

§  To create academic and research collaborations with local, national and international Universities, government organizations, and industries.

§  To establish links with various R&D organizations and funding agencies or venture capitalist for sponsored and contract research.

§  To inculcate the spirit and culture of research amongst all the stakeholders like students, faculties, management, parents and industries.

§  To enhance interaction and cooperation between researchers for interdisciplinary and Multi-disciplinary work.




R& D Team Member;-


Member Name


Area of Research


Dr . Mukesh Thakur


Pollution control using Nano technology


Dr (Mrs) Rubina Sahin

Head R & D Cell

Fluoride Chemistry, Applied Chemistry Environmental Engg.


Mr.Roopesh Kumar Sinha


Production Engg., Composite Material


Mr. Lukesh Sahu


Power system in electrical devices


Mr.Rituraj Chandrakar


Industrial Engg.


Mr. RajKumar Deshmukh


Study  of learning of English in Tribal Zone


Mr. Akhilesh Yadu


Weather forecasting using ANN


Mr. Chandra Shekhar Verma


Solid state Material


Mrs. Sonal Rai




Mr. Arun Kumar Sao


Thermal, Heat & Mass transfer


Mr. Puranik Sahu


Ultra High Voltage Transmission


Mr. Paparao Kambala


Power electronic, control engineering electric machine


Mr. Ashish Kumar Tiwari


Numerical Analysis, Operation Research



Publications/ Conferences/ Seminars:-

Number of Book/ Chapter published-8

Number of publication-

 National- 23 International- 107

Number of Conference

National- 33 International- 36

Workshop/ Seminar/ Training Programme- 60

Short Term Course/NPTEL Course- 21


Guided Research Scholar-2



1.    Imlli Packing Machine designed by two students of our college name Abshar Alam and Shahbaz Khan was selected best 100 projects all over India in Lucknow        Tech Fest 2018.

2.   Peanut cracking Machine designed by 3 students of our institute name Gaurav Singh Rajput, Mithilesh Nishad and Uday Sharma were won 2nd Prize in                     Technical Model in Bastar Zone 2019.

3.   Received three incubation centre offers from KIIT-TBI, AIC-36inc and AIC-RNTU. (Received by Honourable Principal  Dr. Mukesh Thakur)

4.   Battery operated E-cycle and Double Decker bicycle machine are having most renowned project of our institute from department of Mechanical Engineering.

5.   The department of  Electrical engineering done various project which are as under:

          i.      Water level indicator

         ii.      Transformer less inverter

        iii.      Electricity generation by footstep

        iv.      Underground cable fault detection

         v.      Automatic load scheduling of transformer

        vi.      Energy saving system using PIR



AWARDS (Received by Honourable Principal Dr. Mukesh Thakur)

1    Received Doctor Of Letters (D.Litt.) from ASHCROFT University, London.

               2.    Awarded with Start Up Hero of the State (Chhattisgarh) for the year 2018 by the Government of Chhattisgarh under the programme of Start Up India.

3.    Awarded with Bharat Ratna Rajiv Gandhi Gold Medal Award for the year 2018 by Global Economic Progress and Research Association (GEPRA).

4.    Awarded Rashtriya Shiksha Gaurav Puraskar for the year 2018 for individual development and contribution towards national economic growth.

5.    Awarded with Bhartiya Udyog Ratan Gold medal Award from GEPRA for Individual Achievement & National economic growth.



 Our Upcoming Project:-

1.     Analysis and control of automobile pollutants using nano-coated catalyst converter in SI engine

2.    Analysis and control of automobile pollutants using nano-coated catalyst converter in CI engine

3.    Experimental evaluation and improvement of drinking water in Tribal region of southern Bastar, Chhattisgarh

4.    Study of cost & Entrepreneurship in Dantewada District.


 Our Upcoming Event:-

Ø  National Seminar on “Cyber crime”- Sept 2019

Ø  National Seminar on “Patent guideline, copyright & filling” –Nov 2019

Ø  Workshop/ Training Programme under umbrella of 5S programme for faculty & student- Oct 2019

Ø  National Seminar on “ Recent development tools and Technology” – Dec 2019

Ø  National Conference on “Technological innovations, advances and analytical approaches towards environment” Jan 2020