Vision, Mission and Quality Policy



          To build an inclusive, diverse and responsible community recognized for:

  • Providing an accessible, modern education in engineering and science for future, interdisciplinary leaders;
  • Advancing knowledge through fundamental and applied research; and
  • Facilitating life-long learning and economic development.
  •  Being highly effected LWE (Left Wing Extremist) area, NMDC`s mission is to impart technical education to the tribal youth so that they will be motivated towards the brighter side of the education & life and also trying to ensure jobs through on-campus and off-campus placements through the Academia-Industry Interface




NMDC DAV Polytechnic aspire to build the leaders of the future, with the concept of harmony and co-existence, eagerness to win, raising standards of excellence around the world, and create newer directions to make the mankind explore and innovate in a better way. The Society looks forward to establishing an excellent educational institute in the form of a knowledge endeavor to educate and train the people to become performers to reach the apex of glory.



  • We aim at continuous pursuit for excellence through quality education tapped from National and International resources.
  • Modular approach to channelize knowledge and programmed evaluation of knowledge accumulated.
  • Continuous reviewable and renewal of quality systems leading to quality output.
  • Producing Engineer with string ethical and moral background